Named for the large bones of its foreleg, Brachiosaurus was an enormous sauropod, one of the largest dinosaurs known from a complete skeleton. Brachiosaurus stood over ten metres high, was twenty-two metres long and weighed around eighty tonnes.

Brachiosaurus was adapted to live on land, with similarities to a giraffe, browsing in treetops. Its peg-like teeth were used to strip leaves from the high branches. Unlike many of its sauropod relatives, Brachiosaurus had very long forelegs, indicating that its neck was held in a more vertical position.

Some paleontologists have suggested that the most well known species, Brachiosaurus brancai, is actually a separate genus, Giraffatitan. Whatever its name, this giant was feeding almost constantly to sustain its enormous bulk.

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Fun Facts

  • Named after the large bones of its foreleg
  • Head to tail 22m (72 feet)
  • Long neck enables it to browse in treetops
  • Peg-like teeth were used to strip leaves from the high branches
  • Weighed around 80 tonnes